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Principles for recordkeeping metadata

As recordkeeping professionals we have not been very successful in conveying what we believe metadata for records to be and its uses. This has been played out in numerous conversations within and outside of the profession in the wake of … Continue reading

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A review of Archival Futures (Caroline Brown, ed.) by Adrian Cunningham

Longtime friend of the Recordkeeping Roundtable Adrian Cunningham worked for 36 years in collecting archives, government archives and in university settings and research projects. During that time his work traversed almost all functional areas of archival endeavour, with his latter-day … Continue reading

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Recordkeeping Roundcasts Episode 1: Scale and complexity, with John Sheridan

Welcome to Recordkeeping Roundcasts, a series of conversations with interesting people who are doing interesting things. In this first episode the Recordkeeping Roundtable’s Cassie Findlay is talking with John Sheridan, Digital Director at The National Archives UK, about the challenges … Continue reading

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Flipping our focus

This week I got a strong response on Twitter for this tweet & image: From my talk last week: we archivists are failing our mission if we keep worrying about backlogs & ignore strategic digital recordkeeping — Cassie Findlay (@CassPF) … Continue reading

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Archivists and journalists: It’s time to get serious

First up, thanks to Eira Tansey, whose Tweet prompted me to finally get back here and have a rant. Archivists we need to be very clear that our best professional allies in the days ahead are journalists & scientists reading

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We need to talk about smart contracts and recordkeeping

Blockchain technology offer us a revolutionary new way to do business using the same database — a shared ledger, in effect, that is available to anyone who knows how to use it and has access to the tools. A ‘world database’ (as … Continue reading

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