Recordkeeping Roundtable is a Sydney based discussion group established in 2011 to foster discussion and debate on issues of interest and relevance to contemporary recordkeeping practice and archives, both within and outside the records profession.

Since we began, we have held a range of events including guest speakers who are journalists, information security experts, hackers, digital humanists, whistleblowers, digital games curators, information activists, lawyers and self-described loudmouths. These conversations are part of a mission of self-discovery. We have published ideas on recordkeeping and its interaction with technology, politics and the world on this blog and elsewhere. Our aim is to explore, by understanding how others see us, and where our interests and needs intersect, we can identify how we need to evolve.

The Recordkeeping Roundtable founders are Kate Cumming (@kateandthegirlz), Cassie Findlay (@CassPF) , Anne Picot (@apicot) and Barbara Reed (@BarbaraREED).

Contact us, we’d love to hear your ideas for future Roundtable events:

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