Who’s afraid of WikiLeaks? @ Sydney Writers Festival

The Recordkeeping Roundtable are off on an outing! If you are interested in WikiLeaks, this is an impressive panel & worth a look. Let us know if you’re going, it would be great to all catch up for a chat afterwards.

Who’s Afraid of WikiLeaks?

  • Friday May 20
  • 6.00 – 7.30pm
  • Sydney Town Hall
  • Tickets $20/$15

A political movement or a media organisation? A risk to national security or the open government we need? Is Julian Assange a hero or a traitor? Suelette Dreyfus is the author of 1997 book ‘Underground’, an investigation of the hacking world researched by Assange himself. Guy Rundle has covered WikiLeaks since the beginning. UK journalist Barbara Gunnell zeroes in on Assange’s role as whistleblower. Robert Manne uncovers the high-minded ideals and anarchist influences on Assange and WikiLeaks. In his brand-new book, Andrew Fowler tracks how Julian Assange became “the most dangerous man in the world”. They dissect the Assange myth, the role of WikiLeaks in our democracy, and ask what we’ve got to be so afraid of. Chair: Paul Barratt.

Detail: http://www.swf.org.au/component/option,com_events/Itemid,124/agid,2467/task,view_detail/

About Cassie Findlay

Digital recordkeeping, archives and privacy professional, co-founder of the Recordkeeping Roundtable. @CassPF on Twitter.
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1 Response to Who’s afraid of WikiLeaks? @ Sydney Writers Festival

  1. Jim says:

    Am writing a thesis on Public Trust in WikiLeaks, the Media and the Government and need to know what your opinions are. The online survey is multiple choice and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please follow the link: http://www.kwiksurveys.com/?s=ILLLML_9669e09d

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