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Digital archivist and recordkeeping professional, co-founder of the Recordkeeping Roundtable. @CassPF on Twitter.

Recordkeeping Roundcasts Episode 2: Project ARCHANGEL and distributed ledger experimentation

In this episode of Recordkeeping Roundcasts, we pick up the conversation with TNA’s John Sheridan, turning to the experimentation that he and colleagues at allied institutions are doing in distributed ledger technologies. For background, take a look at this recent … Continue reading

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Recordkeeping Roundcasts Episode 1: Scale and complexity, with John Sheridan

Welcome to Recordkeeping Roundcasts, a series of conversations with interesting people who are doing interesting things. In this first episode the Recordkeeping Roundtable’s Cassie Findlay is talking with John Sheridan, Digital Director at The National Archives UK, about the challenges … Continue reading

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Flipping our focus

This week I got a strong response on Twitter for this tweet & image: From my talk last week: we archivists are failing our mission if we keep worrying about backlogs & ignore strategic digital recordkeeping — Cassie Findlay (@CassPF) … Continue reading

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Archivists and journalists: It’s time to get serious

First up, thanks to Eira Tansey, whose Tweet prompted me to finally get back here and have a rant. Archivists we need to be very clear that our best professional allies in the days ahead are journalists & scientists reading

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We need to talk about smart contracts and recordkeeping

Blockchain technology offer us a revolutionary new way to do business using the same database — a shared ledger, in effect, that is available to anyone who knows how to use it and has access to the tools. A ‘world database’ (as … Continue reading

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Decentralization and DAOs: Opportunities for recordkeepers

Attending the Decentralized Web Summit at the Internet Archive wasn’t a bad way to spend my first week living in San Francisco. Big thanks to Peter Van Garderen and Courtney Mumma for encouraging me to go. It was an exciting, … Continue reading

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Report on Blockchain: Applications and implications

Last month we held a session exploring blockchain technology, featuring speakers discussing the technology itself, key applications like smart contracts, legal and governance issues and the management of identity using blockchain technology. Our great thanks to Peter van Garderen, Payal … Continue reading

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Blockchain: Applications and implications. The slides!

Thanks so much to our fantastic panel of speakers at this week’s session on blockchain. We have slides to share: Peter Van Garderen: Introduction to blockchain and recordkeeping (Slideshare) Payal Kapur: Smart Contracts: A deconstruction (PPTX) To discover more about the cool … Continue reading

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Blockchain technology: Applications and implications

We are pleased to announce that the next Recordkeeping Roundtable event will be an exploration of blockchain technology, its applications and its implications for recordkeeping and archives. When: 9.30am for a 10am start – 12.30pm Wednesday, March 9, 2016 Where:  … Continue reading

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Redefine, reinvent and disrupt: the Sydney Blockchain Workshops

This week I was lucky enough to attend the Sydney Blockchain Workshops, organised by the formidable women of COALA and held at the Powerhouse Museum. Before going on, I should say I will not be attempting here to explain the … Continue reading

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