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Recordkeeping Roundcasts Episode 1: Scale and complexity, with John Sheridan

Welcome to Recordkeeping Roundcasts, a series of conversations with interesting people who are doing interesting things. In this first episode the Recordkeeping Roundtable’s Cassie Findlay is talking with John Sheridan, Digital Director at The National Archives UK, about the challenges … Continue reading

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Re-Inventing On-Line Access

Chris Hurley The methods I most want to re-invent are description and federation of access.   I have been interested in this for thirty years and have recently re-entered the lists with A Modest Proposal for Improving Access to Archives and … Continue reading

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Contrapuntal Archival Methods

Michael Jones As a post-custodial research archivist I have worked in many contexts, from projects involving major archival institutions, governments and universities through to advising and training people working at the other end of the scale, in small archives, single … Continue reading

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Building an integrated digital archives (Part II)

Richard Lehane Integration is at the heart of the archival endeavour. You can read most archival methods (appraisal, arrangement and description, access) as being fundamentally about integration: the task of creating a coherent archives that incorporates disparate recordkeeping systems. Sue … Continue reading

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Improving access to archives and other records: A modest proposal

Come and join us at the next Recordkeeping Roundtable event, in which we will be exploring some ideas for presenting and sharing archival description information to better harness the opportunities of the online world, and do it in a sustainable … Continue reading

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