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Recordkeeping Roundcasts Episode 5: Personal data, privacy and looking ahead

In part 2 of our chat with Ellen Broad, we talks about privacy and changing attitudes to data about – and of – ourselves.  Ellen’s book, Made by Humans: The AI Condition is available from Melbourne University Press, or from all the big … Continue reading

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Broadening the record and expanding the archives

Kirsten Wright The concept of “the record” is core archival theory and archival methods. In looking at reinventing archival methods, we must ask whether the traditional notion of the record is still applicable and how the record connects and links … Continue reading

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Give me a serve of data with that

Antony Funnell It is natural and understandable when considering issues relating to the preservation of information to focus on new technologies. Changes in technology directly affect what is and is not available to be preserved, as well as influencing issues … Continue reading

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Records management for scientific data

Charlotte Maday and Magalie Moysan “Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.”(Hamlet, William Shakespeare) Venturing into research and science, for a records manager, is like walking in a very grumpy and very hungry lion’s den. Firstly because we … Continue reading

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Contexts, connections, access: the glorious possibilities of getting it all wrong

Dr Tim Sherratt About a century ago in web years I wrote a thing about accessing archives on the web.[1] It’s now full of broken links and naive optimism. But a couple of the arguments I made way back then … Continue reading

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Report on ‘Hacking the archives: Archival description in an online world’

How do we ensure that “meaning as well as content lies at the end of the road to discovery?” On Wednesday August 24 we got together to talk about the question of how we can ensure that “meaning as well … Continue reading

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