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Recordkeeping Roundcasts Episode 2: Project ARCHANGEL and distributed ledger experimentation

In this episode of Recordkeeping Roundcasts, we pick up the conversation with TNA’s John Sheridan, turning to the experimentation that he and colleagues at allied institutions are doing in distributed ledger technologies. For background, take a look at this recent … Continue reading

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Flipping our focus

This week I got a strong response on Twitter for this tweet & image: From my talk last week: we archivists are failing our mission if we keep worrying about backlogs & ignore strategic digital recordkeeping pic.twitter.com/8usLBihDz7 — Cassie Findlay (@CassPF) … Continue reading

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Archivists and journalists: It’s time to get serious

First up, thanks to Eira Tansey, whose Tweet prompted me to finally get back here and have a rant. Archivists we need to be very clear that our best professional allies in the days ahead are journalists & scientists https://t.co/VnMnYSY1Y2Continue reading

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We need to talk about smart contracts and recordkeeping

Blockchain technology offer us a revolutionary new way to do business using the same database — a shared ledger, in effect, that is available to anyone who knows how to use it and has access to the tools. A ‘world database’ (as … Continue reading

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Decentralization and DAOs: Opportunities for recordkeepers

Attending the Decentralized Web Summit at the Internet Archive wasn’t a bad way to spend my first week living in San Francisco. Big thanks to Peter Van Garderen and Courtney Mumma for encouraging me to go. It was an exciting, … Continue reading

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Trust Networks and Tigers: New models for journalism and archives

Come and join us for fascinating discussion on issues fundamentally impacting the future of our profession. When: Wednesday 14 October, 5:30 – 7pm Where: Seminar Room, ATP Innovations – Ground Floor, National Innovation Centre, Australian Technology Park, Redfern (directions) Cost: … Continue reading

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Decentralised and inviolate: the blockchain and its uses for digital archives

By Cassie Findlay In the flow of information all around us – in businesses, governments, personal spaces, in the physical and online world, there is information that we want to fix at a point in time and give it an … Continue reading

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Reinventing archival methods: Continuing the conversation

A collection of articles and short contributions from The Recordkeeping Roundtable, our friends and colleagues, on the theme of archival reinvention. Introduction by Kate Cumming, Cassie  Findlay, Anne Picot and Barbara Reed Articles Dr Kate Cumming and Anne Picot ‘Reinventing … Continue reading

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Kate Cumming, Cassie Findlay, Anne Picot and Barbara Reed When we started the Recordkeeping Roundtable at the start of 2011 [i] our aim was to start new conversations in, across, and especially, outside of the recordkeeping profession. The events we … Continue reading

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Reinventing access

Barbara Reed In 1989 David Bearman threw virtual bombs at the practices of the archival profession. In Australia we responded to the emerging issues of digital recordkeeping influenced by Bearman’s challenging analysis. However access has long been an area somewhat … Continue reading

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