Reinventing archival methods: Continuing the conversation


Iris, Ayasdi’s data-visualization tool, finds connections in abstract data sets. Image: screenshot

A collection of articles and short contributions from The Recordkeeping Roundtable, our friends and colleagues, on the theme of archival reinvention.

Introduction by Kate Cumming, Cassie  Findlay, Anne Picot and Barbara Reed


Dr Kate Cumming and Anne Picot ‘Reinventing appraisal

Barbara Reed ‘Reinventing access

Short contributions

Xiaomi An, Hepu Deng, Bin Zhang ‘Reinventing the Concept of the State Archival Fond in China

Luke Bacon, ‘A Sea of Kites: Pushing access to archives with progressive enhancement

Belinda Battley, Elizabeth Daniels and Gregory Rolan, ‘Archives as multifaceted narratives: Linking the “touchstones” of community memory

Nicole Convery, ‘From reactive to proactive appraisal

Mark Crookston, ‘Reinventing Archival Methods: Am I part of the problem or part of the solution?

Adrian Cunningham, ‘Eternity Revisited: In pursuit of a national documentation strategy and a national archival system

Dr Katrina Dean, ‘Digitizing the modern archive

Dr Joanne Evans, ‘Reflections on the Promise and Pitfalls in Reinventing Recordkeeping Metadata

Cassie Findlay, ‘Full docs or it didn’t happen

Antony Funnell, ‘Give me a serve of data with that

Chris Hurley, ‘Re-Inventing On-Line Access

Mike Jones, ‘Contrapuntal archival methods

Richard Lehane, ‘Building an integrated digital archives (Part II)

Charlotte Maday and Magalie Moysan, ‘Records management for scientific data

Julie McLeod, ‘Reconceptualising ERM as a wicked problem

Adelaide Parr, ‘In an interconnected world – why do we think in functions?

Barbara Reed, ‘Rethinking approaches to recordkeeping metadata

Sonya Sherman, ‘People telling stories

Dr Tim Sherratt, ‘Contexts, connections, access: the glorious possibilities of getting it all wrong

Kirsten Thorpe, ‘Indigenous Records: connecting, critiquing and diversifying collections

Andrew Waugh, ‘Email – a bellwether records system

Kirsten Wright, ‘Broadening the record and expanding the archives

Articles also available via Readlist for download to Kindle, iPad, DropBox and more:

About Cassie Findlay

Digital recordkeeping, archives and privacy professional, co-founder of the Recordkeeping Roundtable. @CassPF on Twitter.
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