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Freedom of information? A panel discussion on orderly and disorderly methods of information access and release, government secrecy and what needs to change

A panel discussion with Dr Philip Dorling, Tim Robinson and Stilgherrian. ATP Innovations, Australian Technology Park, Redfern, Sydney. Please note the date of this event has changed, it is now being held on Wednesday February 29, 5.30 for 6pm – … Continue reading

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Report on ‘Hacking the archives: Archival description in an online world’

How do we ensure that “meaning as well as content lies at the end of the road to discovery?” On Wednesday August 24 we got together to talk about the question of how we can ensure that “meaning as well … Continue reading

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Revealing or repressing the archive as a litmus test for a healthy society: An analysis of #WLfind cables + #Archives

We take for granted that there exist, somewhere in society, macro-actors that naturally dominate the scene… The problem is that these entities could not exist at all without the construction of long networks in which numerous faithful records circulate in … Continue reading

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Revolutionary walls of memory

This week in Al-Akhbar English, Sayyid Mahmoud reports on the work of artist Ahmad al-Labbad and his efforts to capture the public art which appeared all over Cairo’s Tahrir Square and elsewhere during the January 25 revolution – “the largest … Continue reading

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Archivists, librarians and WikiLeaks – Part 2

A few weeks back I reported in this blog on the efforts of Tom Twiss and the rest of the Social Responsibilities Round Table group in the American Library Association to have three resolutions passed by the ALA’s general membership … Continue reading

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Drawing insight and inspiration from tradition: The Australian Series System and digital recordkeeping – An interactive workshop

Archival institutions the world over are battling to reinvent their traditional processes, practices and systems in order to deal with the scale, complexity and richness of contemporary digital records. Come and join speakers from Archives New Zealand, the Public Record … Continue reading

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From the Metroon to Wikileaks: People, power and the archive

What is an archive? What is its purpose? Has the kind of archive that has evolved in 20th and early 21st century Western civilisation remained consistent with the underlying principles of the contract struck between the people and the State … Continue reading

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Archivists, librarians and WikiLeaks

If you’ve followed this blog you will know that our first Recordkeeping Roundtable event, in March 2011, was on the subject of WikiLeaks (‘After WikiLeaks, is it all over for the Archives?’). At that session we explored, amongst other things, … Continue reading

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Where do old websites go to die? with Jason Scott of Archive Team – Podcast

Our evening with Jason Scott last Wednesday was possibly the most entertaining archives talk ever in the world. No really. It really was. Jason is passionate and committed to his work and deadly serious about its importance but he is … Continue reading

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